Make your style statement

Make your style statement

What exactly is a style statement?

A style statement is a way to get more clear on your style. Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte have written a book called Style Statement  – Live by your own design, which aims to get you more clarity about yourself and your sense of style. Here are few statements by them as to what a style statement is:

our style style statment defines your authentic self.

It is a compass for making more powerful choices, a guide for designing a life that reflects your whole being.

An anchor, a symbol, a mantra. A declaration, an affirmation, a reminder.

You, fully expressed.

It should be noted that the style statement is not about labeling yourself, it is about discovering who you are.

How can you benefit from knowing your style statement?

Knowing your style statement can give you a better connection between your style choices and your inner self. If you can express the real you through your style choices, you will feel better and communicate better messages about yourself to the world.

Some benefits of knowing your style statement include:

      • You will be able to dress with more confidence

        • You will make fewer buying mistakes

        • Other people will not be confused about you as a person and you will give them a clear message through your clothes

        • You will feel more at ease, both in your clothes, your home and your environment

        • You will be able to communicate who you are in all that  you do

        • You will be more ease and efficient in your life

        • You will be more consistent

        So how do you find your style statement?

        The aim is to find the 2 words that describe who you are, and that are truly you. Your first word represents the core of you, your essence (80%) while the second word represents your creative edge (20%). This word represents the impression that you like to make or the experience you like to create.

        When answering these questions, you will see certain words or themes come back and again. All these are clues to your style statement. After answering all the questions, you will then analyze and focus the answers which will lead to your style statement.

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